E-mail Management

Automate your business with e-mails!

Key Benefits
  • Automatically send out sales/purchase e-mails and attach sales and purchase reports as PDFs.
  • Use PayPal payment links in sales invoice e-mails, and offer customers to pay Dynamics NAV invoices online.
  • Automatically send out template based e-mail reminders instead of doing a manual follow-up on every overdue invoice.
  • Employ template based e-mail campaigns to target contacts, customers, and vendors.
  • Automatically save e-mail correspondence on Dynamic NAV contacts, customers, and vendors.
  • Intelligently distribute e-mails to the correct members in Matriks Mail defined teams, based on your Dynamics NAV sales/purchaser person setup.
  • Backup company e-mails when you backup your Dynamics NAV database.


Matriks Mail will automate your business with e-mails:

  • Have Matriks Mail automatically  send out sales and purchase e-mails and attach the relevant Dynamics NAV report as a PDF.
  • Have Matriks Mail automatically send out invoice e-mails with an embedded link to PayPal that will allow the customer to pay the invoice online.
  • Have Matriks Mail automatically send out a template based e-mail reminder 1, 2 and 3 when an invoice has become overdue.

Matriks Mail will base these automatic e-mails (called notifications) on templates. Use Outlook Express to create new e-mail templates.

Matriks Mail also provides a bulk mail tool which simplifies e-mail correspondence to multiple contacts, customers
or vendors. Think of it as a small and very simple built-in sales tool.

Every mail that Matriks Mail sends out is tracked so that whenever a reply arrives it is stored on the same dialog and in the same context. All of this happens automatically and behind the scenes.

The user does not have to be disciplined to use their Microsoft Outlook or Dynamics NAV system in any special way to benefit from Matriks Mail. Conveniently, users can continue working with the same logical routines they have become familiar with in Microsoft Outlook and Dynamics NAV.

Matriks Mail has a built-in e-mail client that periodically checks a list of pre-defined mail accounts. Matriks Mail does not replace any mail server or any mail infrastructure. It simply works with whatever infrastructure is already in place. All it needs is a list of POP3 accounts that it should check from time to time.

Matriks Mail uses the NAV database to file e-mails.
When users back up their Dynamics NAV data, they will simultaneously back up their e-mail communication.


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Fact Sheet

Take a look at our Matriks Mail Fact Sheet here.


Suggested retail price for one Matriks Mail license with unlimited sessions is:

US$ 4,760.00 for non EU residents and
EUR 3.024,00 for EU residents.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 or 4.0 SP3
E-mail client, Microsoft Outlook or Gmail.