It is difficult to describe our culture with words, as it is more a feeling than anything else. The feeling of being welcome, appreciated and respected – as a customer and as a colleague. The feeling of collegial friendship and team spirit. The feeling of a business, quality and delivery spirit. This makes Matriks the leading company in the market.

Our employees are best-in-class performers with a healthy competitive spirit. “Everything is possible” and “How hard can it be?” are our mantras. Working with Matriks is fun. Lots of activities and of course exciting and challenging tasks. Happy families give happy employees and ultimately happy and satisfied customers. The balance between work and privacy is in constant focus at Matriks.

We are always looking for bright consultants and we put great effort on finding tasks that match your expectations, professional profile and personality.

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COO Hans Ole Jørgensen at tel.: +45 40 11 96 90.