Matriks Automate 2

Business Automation

Matriks Automate 2 is the automatic business notification delivery and capture solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It is entirely server based and runs using a windows service.

Business Overview

  • Reduce costs
    Reports from NAV are automatically and electronically delivered via email which reduces work hours, postage and stationery costs. Inbound replies are automatically captured and stored alongside delivered documents in one PDF document, increasing overview and reducing time spend searching for documents. Automatically filing documents removes manual administration tasks, as well as making them available for collaborative working. This streamlines key business processes, which in turn reduces costs for your business.
  • Improved service
    With outbound and inbound documents stored together in one central place, documents can be quickly and easily retrieved on screen by authorized personnel. This means that any queries can be handled quickly and efficiently to improve the service you offer.
  • Eco friendly
    With electronic delivery and storage, Matriks Automate 2 can also help customers achieve sustainability targets. Delivering documents electronically drastically reduces an organizations dependence on paper, as well as reducing the need for postal services. Capturing and storing documents electronically then allows more paper to be recycled which further helps to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the organization.
  • Customization
    For customers wishing to take business automation further, Matriks Automate 2 provides a platform for customization.

Functional Overview

Matriks Automate 2 helps customers reduce costs by automating business processes such as issuing sales orders, shipping notifications, invoices, reminders, statements and more. Matriks Automate 2 offers electronic document delivery and automatic storage, not only of the notifications, but also of the replies to the notifications.

  • Have Matriks Automate automatically send out sales and purchase notification and attach the relevant Dynamics NAV report as a PDF.
  • Have Matriks Automate automatically send out a template based e-mail reminder 1, 2 and 3 when an invoice has become overdue.
  • Every mail that Matriks Automate sends out is tracked so that whenever a reply arrives it is stored on the same dialog and in the same context. All of this happens automatically and behind the scenes.
  • The user does not have to be disciplined to use their Microsoft Outlook or Dynamics NAV system in any special way to benefit from Matriks Automate. Matriks Automate works with any standard mail infrastructure. You don’t even have to install software on each client.


Please take a look at our Video.


  • Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 or greater with middle-tier server and optionally NAS.
  • Dynamics NAV Web Services using either Granule 2510 (External Connector) or 1260 (Microsoft Dynamics Client with 1 named “Matriks Automate” user).
  • Office 2010 or newer (other versions are untested).
  • Windows 2007, Windows 2008 or newer (other versions are untested).
  • .NET framework Version 4.
  • Matriks Automate 2 Basic/Interface objects and Installation executable.
  • Matriks Automate Granule 6069190.

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