Transition from C5 to Business Central with Power BI Integraiton

PDC Plast
Injection Molding
Transition from C5 to Business Central
Business Central, Power BI
efficiency, increased productivity, and better data insight

PDC-Plast is a leading plastic injection molder in the industry, located in Helsinge, Denmark.


The challenge

PDC Plast faced challenges with their existing C5 system, which no longer met their customers' demands and needs for documentation and flexibility while also providing increased efficiency within the organization.


The new Business Central platform and the customized product app have truly made our work processes much more efficient. It has enhanced our access to documentation and traceability of products and production, which are crucial for our customers, says Hans Feuk, Operations Manager at PDC Plast.


The solution

After discussions with several different IT consultants, PDC Plast chose to collaborate with Matriks to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as a replacement for C5. Matriks began by analyzing the company's needs and identifying areas that required special attention.


During the implementation, Matriks developed a customized product app that integrates directly with Business Central. The app has enabled employees at PDC Plast to access product information, inventory status, and production data in a user-friendly manner, thus increasing efficiency.


Additionally, Matriks set up role centers in Business Central tailored to the various employee roles at PDC Plast. This ensures that each employee only has access to relevant information and functions within the system.


Finally, Matriks extracted data from PDC Plast's existing systems and consolidated them in Power BI for advanced reporting and analysis. This has provided the company with deeper insights into their business performance and has helped them make better-informed decisions.

After the implementation and integration, PDC Plast has experienced several significant benefits:


With the new role centers in Business Central, our employees are able to focus on their specific tasks without being overwhelmed by unnecessary information. At the same time, we have a great overview of our business. It has truly increased our productivity, adds Hans.


The integration with Power BI has been a game-changer for us. We can now delve deep into our data and identify patterns and trends that we previously didn't have insight into. It has helped us optimize our business strategy and support our customers, notes Hans.


The conclusion

In conclusion, the collaboration with Matriks has resulted in a successful transition from C5 to Business Central for PDC-Plast, strengthening our competitiveness and positioning us for future growth and success in the market, concludes Hans.


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