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Continia Software

Optimize your workflow with Continia's integrated solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Automate accounting, expense management, document distribution, and payment processing to save time and reduce errors. Enhance efficiency and focus on what matters most.


Understand your environmental impact with BeWo, the AI-powered CO2 calculation engine for ERP systems. Connect your ERP to BeWo for automatic CO2 emissions reporting and compliance with EU regulations, enhancing sustainability and transparency.


Simplify Business Central reporting and printing with ForNAV's customizable, code-free reports and seamless direct printing. Enjoy easy data management, low costs, and compatibility with all future BC versions. ForNAV enhances efficiency and user experience.


Enhance warehouse efficiency with Apport’s user-friendly WMS, designed to reduce errors and improve workflow by 25-40%. Prioritizing simplicity and people, Apport integrates seamlessly with existing systems to create a structured and optimized warehouse environment.


Streamline your warehouse management with Tasklet Mobile WMS, an intuitive barcode scanning solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Easily implement real-time data collection, reduce errors, and enhance productivity with a user-friendly interface.

Matriks Doc 4

Matriks Doc 4 is a popular and effective "add on" for Microsoft Business solutions. It handles correspondence generated from Dynamics NAV. 

Matriks Automate 2

Matriks Automate 2 is your automated business message delivery and collection solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which is completely server-based and runs using a Windows service.

Yearly maintainance

Annual Maintenance is our upgrade program that keeps your Matriks installation running.


You can always expect support on your Matriks products.


All product information, prices and terms are subject to change without notice.

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