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A dedicated team
of skilled consultants.

Why choose Matrks

Matriks sets itself apart from other companies in several ways, making us unique and particularly effective in our approach to solving complex challenges.


At Matriks, we have a team of highly qualified consultants with many years of experience in our respective fields. We draw upon our rich foundation of experience to deliver high-quality solutions and achieve the best results for our clients.


We believe in the strength of teamwork and collaboration. At Matriks, we work as an integrated team, combining our different expertise and perspectives to achieve the most effective solutions. We value a culture that promotes openness, respect, and trust among our team members.


At Matriks, we value the importance of close communication and collaboration with functional experts in finance, inventory, service, production, logistics, sales, and procurement. By working together with experts across various domains, we ensure that our solutions are comprehensive and address all relevant aspects of our clients' needs.

Vores historie

Matriks was founded in 1998, and in the summer of 2018, we expanded with a consultancy business where we both sell licenses and deliver specific IT projects to our clients. 

Today, we have positioned ourselves as a profitable and successful Add-On Partner in the international market. Matriks collaborates with more than 180 Matriks Solution Providers in 24 countries. Additionally, we are a qualified Microsoft partner in the Danish market.

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A strong team of experienced consultants

Casper Hesselholt


Michael Aoun

Executive Chairman

Hans Ole Jørgensen


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